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Turbo is built specifically for making low-res, sprite-based 2D games as fast as possible.


Turbo is currently in early development with a single full-time core maintainer. This means your feedback, contributions, and games have a huge impact on our feature roadmap and the overall success of the project. With your support, we plan to make the greatest 2D game engine of all time ♥


Turbo aims to make it possible for anyone to create a game in any genre in < 24h that can run on any platform or device.


  • Every platform: Turbo uses WebAssembly + WebGPU, so it can run anywhere (even headlessly)!
  • Never close your game window: games hot-reload whenever code, shaders, or sprites are modifed.
  • Noob-friendly: Turbo's built-in APIs are aimed to help you do cool things with minimal lines of code.


Turbo's docs are organized into the following sections: