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turbo host

Runs a Turbo host

Usage: turbo host [OPTIONS] [PROJECT_DIR]

[PROJECT_DIR] The directory where your game's code and assets live [default: .]

-p, --players <PLAYERS>
Number of player to connect to for before starting the game [default: 1]
--protocol-version <PROTOCOL_VERSION>
Protocol version to use [default: 2]
--fps <FPS>
The frames-per-second to run the game at (Turbonet protocol v2+) [default: 60]
--frame-resend-limit <FRAME_RESEND_LIMIT>
Frame resend limit. Higher values require more bandwidth but may result in less latency and more reliability. (Turbonet protocol v2+) [default: 1]
--sleep-micros <SLEEP_MICROS>
Microsends to sleep per loop on the execution thread. (Turbonet protocol v2+) [default: 1000]
-h, --help
Print help
-V, --version
Print version