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turbo run

Runs a Rust Turbo project

Usage: turbo run [OPTIONS] [PROJECT_DIR]

[PROJECT_DIR] The directory where your game's code and assets live [default: .]

-w, --watch Uses cargo-watch to recompile your game code automatically
-A, --always-on-top Makes the game window always appear on top of other windows
-x, --canvas-width <CANVAS_WIDTH> The game's x resolution [default: 256]
-y, --canvas-height <CANVAS_HEIGHT> The game's y resolution [default: 144]
--window-width <WINDOW_WIDTH> The window's initial width [default: 768]
--window-height <WINDOW_HEIGHT> The window's initial height [default: 432]
--clippy Clippy mode
-h, --help Print help
-V, --version Print version